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As a pro tennis player on the international circuit, blisters & chaffing are common place, especially in the more humid countries. Blister Bomber is the only product I use now, as its by far the most effective. Blisters & chafe are no longer concerns. Definitely recommend it. Pro tennis player, Jake Delaney, 2015 Aust. Open doubles winner.

Ron Darmon Pro triathlete

Since I started racing triathlons 12 years ago, the 1 issue I could never really fix, is blisters. I’ve tried taping my feet, changed runners, orthotics, but the issue still remained. This year I was recommended to try Blister Bomber & for the very 1st time, blisters are no longer an issue. It’s a great product & I highly recommend it. Ron Darmon – Professional triathlete


“Blister Bomber is amazing. I used to always get blisters running long distances. I tried Blister Bomber and ran 33km no blisters! Boom! ”

Katie Love

Benji Morris

“You guys have nailed your formula. Leading into world 24 hr championships in Oct. I will be using your product for sure”

Benji Morris
24 hr Ultra Endurance Mountain Biker


“Wow,Blister Bomber has come to the party on this one,my previous trail run 50km. feet 100%\nThis run 145km and not a single blister. AMAZING”

Tim Kacprzak
Elite Endurance Runner


“Wearing a set of new heels out is painful at best, until I discovered Blister Bomber. It’s not an issue anymore! Such a great product!!”



“Recently I raced in China, ITU Triathlon in tough, wet conditions. I did suffer bad blisters, but not NOW! Blister Bomber is so effective.”

Dylan Evans
Pro Aust.Triathlete

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